Gov. Brown vetoes bill banning smoking on college campuses


Rin Carbin

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill on Monday that would have banned smoking on California State University and community college campuses.

Brown argued that CSU and community colleges “already have the authority” and “are fully capable of setting smoking policies on their campus,” without the government’s help.

Assembly Bill 1594, titled “Public postsecondary education: prohibition of using tobacco and smoking on campuses” would have taken effect January, 2018 and forbid smoking or using a tobacco product on any CSU or community college campus.

Fines for students caught using or possessing tobacco products would start at $25 for the first offense and cap at $100 for the third and subsequent offenses. Money collected from fines would have been used to fund tobacco use cessation programs and enforcement of the ban.

While the University of California already enforces a smoking ban, CSU and community college campuses have been largely left to create their own smoking policies.

At Sacramento State, the current smoking policy forbids smoking inside and within 20 feet of a building and on major walkways.