“Fashion is the best outlet for expression,” junior Jorge Ruiz said. “I wasn’t hesitant on putting (overalls) on because I always feel comfortable about what I wear.” (Photo courtesy of Jorge Ruiz)

Courtesy of Jorge Ruiz

5 fashion trends to brighten your spring wardrobe

February 22, 2018

Spring will be here next month and many of us are still confused about whether it is smart to bring a jacket, wear shorts or break out the summer outfits. There are many different styles to choose from when deciding what to wear to campus, so we decided to highlight some of the popular trends our fellow Hornets are choosing.

Ripped jeans

Although your parents might wonder why you’d buy a pair of jeans that are already ripped, they’re very trendy on campus. Ripped jeans are a good alternative to traditional pants because they give any outfit more of an edgy appearance. Whether you are playing it casual, or dressing it up, ripped jeans are the way to go. Junior public relations major Kamari Henderson agrees that ripped jeans can be part of a trendy get-up.

“I definitely coordinated today” she said. Since Kamari works in a more professional atmosphere, she said that she uses school as place to express her sense of fashion.

Bright colors

Bright colors express the newfound life and energy of the season. Yellow, green, pink and baby blue are just some examples of the many colors that are starting to appear more and more on campus.

Jackson Tobola said he picked his multicolored, bright sweater because of the sunny weather. Sophia Lynch said she dyed her hair pink because it’s her favorite color.

Long sweaters

When you can’t decide if you need a real jacket or not, a go-to style is the long sweater. These come in all lengths and colors and work for both the spring morning chill and the afternoon sun.

Junior Olga Solonko, who is double majoring in business marketing and fashion design, said that the style fits her attitude. “What can I say, I like to dress for success everywhere I go,” she said.

Active Wear 

Going to grocery store? Active wear. Going to study? Active wear. Going to class? Active wear. This specific style is the most popular trend going on campus, according to Solonko. It’s comfortable, cute and very versatile. In addition to being comfortable, active wear is great for some extra warmth when it gets a little bit too windy.

Shelby Schockmel, a major in business marketing, agrees. “It is important to be comfortable but also cute,” she said.


Just when you thought overalls were a thing of the past, they have started making a comeback. Overalls are a versatile option for the spring since they come in different styles and in an assortment of colors. Junior mechanical engineering major Jorge Ruiz prefers to wear his overalls for outdoor music festivals and concerts.

“Fashion is the best outlet for expression,” Ruiz said. “I wasn’t hesitant on putting (overalls) on because I always feel comfortable about what I wear.”

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  1. HerkyLover76 on February 24th, 2018 6:07 pm

    I see a lot of these on campus and it’s great to see it on here, but what about Herky’s outfit? He’s active wear but on the next level. I don’t see anyone rocking it like he does. He definitely should get some recognition as well at some point.

    Great read,


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