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TIkTok voted ‘Best App’ in Best of Sac State 2020 poll

In The State Hornet’s fourth annual Best of Sac State poll, Sacramento State students voted in favor of TikTok in the “Best App” category.

It’s no surprise that the app is so popular among students — TikTok currently has over 800 million monthly average users and has been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide, according to Sensor Tower.

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Elijah Williams, a kinesiology major with a concentration in exercise science, does not have a favorite TikTok star, but said he loves anything that will give him a good laugh. 

“I like TikTok because it’s funny and it’s an app where anyone can make it and not only the popular celebrities,” Williams said. 

Williams created a video spoofing online graduation that went viral on Twitter shortly after the shelter-in-place order started. He eventually reposted the video on TikTok.

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“I post TikToks when I come up with an idea in my head that I think is good or funny to me,” Williams said. “I also enjoy using the app just to watch videos.” 

Communication studies major Sam Chimenti enjoys posting content whenever he has an idea or can find the time to put it together.

“TikTok entertains me and really shows the (creativity) within people,” Chimenti said. “I always say it’s like going down a rabbit hole because once you get going you just can’t stop.”

Chimenti said he likes anything that is relatable or has a funny twist. He said his current favorite TikTok creator is Jack Innanen because of his hilarious and consistently good content. 

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@yungjackinnanenthe cure♬ original sound – yungjackinnanen

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Psychology major Analie Perez said she enjoys watching TikToks because it makes her laugh and gives her something to do while she relaxes. 

“I enjoy watching all the different TikTok videos,” Perez said. “I usually just watch whatever comes up on my ‘For You’ page. Something is bound to make me laugh on there.” 

Perez doesn’t post videos often but she said if she comes across a fun trend, such as a dance, she will usually try it. 

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