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Skateboarding: The big brand takeover makes it hard on the little guy

Anthony Nathan April 10, 2013

Skateboarders have always taken pride in being a part of the counterculture because all people are truly welcome in the skate community. This concept of non-exclusion is what gives skateboarding its appeal...

The Hornet Hot Seat

AJ Taylor May 8, 2011
AJ Taylor puts three baseball players on The Hornet Hot Seat to talk everything fromLeBronto Jersey Shore. If you were a cast member from "Jersey Shore," who would you be? Tanner Mendonca, pitcher:"Pauly D because I'm laid back. I don't get into the drama. I just have fun." Dallas Chadwick, pitcher:"Ronnie because I'm jacked." Ty Nichols, pitcher:"The Situation, because I coordinate and I'm the boss." Best video game: "Madden NFL 11," "FIFA 11," or "MLB2K10"? Mendonca:"'Madden,' I just dominate." Chadwick:"'Madden 11' because I beatMendonca." Nichols:"'FIFA 11' because I got into soccer after the World Cup." Who's better: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Mendonca: "MJ. Six rings to none for LeBron." Chadwick:"Jordan. Never saw MJ play but LeBron sucks." Nichols:"Kobe Bryant, but MJ if I had to pick one. LeBron is a trophy chaser." Which "Jersey Shore" cast member is head coach Reggie Christiansen? Nichols:"Definitely The Situation. He calls the shots, he leads and we follow." AJTaylor can be reached at [email protected]
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