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The ignorance of social media

Daniel Magalit

December 3, 2014

Recently, The Sacramento Bee posted images and a few articles on its Facebook page about protests throughout the country the night Darren Wilson was not indicted.As I read comments like, “Brown’s parents should have taught him better” and “the ‘homies’ should stop attacking whites,” I was ...

Action and community take center stage at Org. Night.

Daniel Magalit

October 9, 2014

Community, unity and action were the main themes of Black Organization Night at Sacramento State on Oct. 3. and made it clear that even the smallest action could have a huge impact.Org. Night was held in the University Ballroom of the Union, with nearly 20 organizations performing and/or presenting....

Students soothe the tensions of Ferguson

Johanna Pugh

October 9, 2014

No matter the era, location or identity of the person bringing it up, talking about race can be a touchy subject.One of the first steps in addressing the issue of racism and attempting to get to a point of understanding could be through communicating with one another.“Not Just Ferguson” was an inf...

Students, faculty discuss difficult situations at annual Spring Convocation

Faculty were invited to sit in and facilitate the table discussion at the Spring Convocation on Monday in the University Union.

State Hornet Staff

April 8, 2014

As a Filipino-American, Associated Students Inc. President Nielsen Gabriel said he has faced typical Asian stereotypes, including being a math whiz and science genius.But as a sophomore, Gabriel questioned the validity of racial stereotypes after encountering a group of people who he met for the first...