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University seeks to resolve course scheduling issues

University seeks to resolve course scheduling issues

State Hornet Staff February 15, 2016

The Sacramento State Faculty Senate met Thursday to discuss challenges in course scheduling.Interim Provost Ming-Tung “Mike” Lee spoke on Feb. 11 about the struggles students go through to receive...

Cars on Folsom Blvd. are at a complete stop while waiting to get on campus on September 8, 2015

Traffic is still problematic driving to Sac State

Zack Jordan September 10, 2015

[View the story "Sacramento State students are still struggling with traffic when trying to get to campus on time for their classes." on Storify] [View the story "Traffic still problematic getting...

Implementation of designated bike lanes will greatly improve pedestrian and biker safety

State Hornet Staff April 1, 2014

Sacramento State’s campus is not exactly the most bike-friendly CSU campus, but some changes in policy may greatly improve this issue. As of 2007, a university policy prohibited students from using...

Gov. Christie faces campaigns difficulties with Bridgegate

State Hornet Staff March 17, 2014

If you thought nothing could be more painful than getting booed off stage for the Super Bowl hand off ceremony, try getting compared to Nixon and the Watergate incident.New Jersey Governor Chris Christie,...

Hundreds of cars  fill up in Lot 8 Monday morning.

Sacramento State students drift towards parking structures, causing delays and congestion

Imran Majid September 18, 2013

The Sacramento State Police Department met with University Transportation and Services Friday to discuss possible solutions to traffic congestion due to an “unprecedented number of cars.” Police Chief...

First two weeks are hell for parking at Sac State

Kaitlin Sansenbach September 17, 2013

Summer always seems too short for students at Sacramento State, making the first two weeks back the biggest hassle of the semester. Everything from buying books and solidifying financial aid, to dropping...

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