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Sac State remembers Thomas Knutson

Elizabeth Zelidon October 30, 2014

A memorial for Professor Thomas Knutson was held at the alumni center where dozens of faculty, friends and family attended the event.The welcoming speech remembering the professor who died Sept. 30 was...

Christina Medders gives credit to her educational career at Sacramento State for inspiring her to become a professor

Communications student aspires to continue her professors’ legacies

Erika Bradley March 14, 2014

Organizational communications major Christina Medders discovered a passion for teaching through an educational career at Sacramento State and credits certain professors for inspiring her to continue their...

Sac State grads get the chance to teach English in Thailand

Erika Bradley March 5, 2014

Sacramento State graduates have the opportunity to travel abroad and teach English in Thailand’s most prestigious first and secondary school, through a program administered by communications professor...

Retired Sacramento faculty not allowed to sponsor international students

Daisy Aguilar November 20, 2013

Sacramento State retired professors are currently prohibited from serving as a designated sponsor for international students, but it is unclear to some faculty whether an actual policy exists.Tracey Culbertson,...

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