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Homemade horchata beats the heat

Homemade horchata beats the heat
Cristina Lule May 29, 2013

On uncomfortably hot summer days, I’m reminded of a sweet and refreshing drink my mom used to make to help cool off from the unwelcome heat. Recently, I asked my mom to show me how to make Agua de Horchata...

Grilled pizza is a perfect fit for hosting summer barbecues

Top off your hawaiian pizza with fresh basil and allow a few minutes to cool down before cutting.
Cody Powell-McClintock May 29, 2013

With summer approaching fast, get ready to fire up the barbecue and cook up a special take on a classic pizza favorite. Summer and barbecuing go hand in hand. The hot days coupled with the cool nights...

Volleyball teammates aid each other in team’s season success

State Hornet Staff September 18, 2012

Jessie Genger and Kayla Beal are two of the Sacramento State women’s volleyball team leaders that are enjoying every minute of their time on the court, but they look forward to a bright future off the...

EDITORIAL: Summer student health fees unfair

State Hornet Staff September 18, 2012

Logical thought assumes the fees students pay should buy them more of a college experience—but you know what they say about assuming. The Student Health and Counseling Center costs more for summer session...

Scenic places in California make for cheap vacations

Alex Grotewohl May 31, 2011

It can be easy to associate a great vacation with spending a staggering sum of money. Unless one is already equipped with the necessary tools, even camping can add up quicker than expected. But there are...

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