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Sac State Pepsi contract promotes unhealthy habits

Scott Barrett

May 1, 2013

PepsiCo Inc. pays Sac State $480,000 a year plus 18 percent of its campus sales as part of an exclusivity contract signed in 2006. The contract allows exclusive drink marketing access for the company and prevents the sale of any similar products from other providers. Sac State’s contract lasts 25 ye...

Sigur Ros excites at Fox Theater in Oakland

Fans of Sigur Ros wait for the band to come onstage.

Scott Barrett

April 22, 2013

The ambient rock band Sigur Ros, on a world tour from their home country of Iceland, played Tuesday at the Fox Theater in Oakland. I left Sacramento by bus in time to see the sun set over the bay. As soon as I made it to the show, some guy with a foreign accent randomly handed me a VIP wristband. There...