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Students deemed least likely to vote

Nancy Rebolledo

October 1, 2015

Politicians try their hand at social media to connect to college-aged voters.“Register to Vote” is a slogan quickly appearing on several platforms. College-aged students, those between the ages of 18-28, are the population age most likely to not vote.It is because of this that registering to vote ca...

Republicans looking to stamp out food stamps

Jaime Carrillo

November 13, 2013

Congress’s recent cut to food stamps is deplorable in a Dickensian sort of way.The act reminded me of the famous line uttered by Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.” Ebenezer Scrooge’s callous response to why he didn’t donate to charity was questioning if there were jails or workhouses. Such ...

Line voters hurt elections

Samantha Gallegos

September 19, 2012

Politics have become so polarized in recent years that voters may feel the need to only go along with their party on issues, but this isn’t always what they truly believe in. The level of partisanship in this country has been on the rise over the past decade. Since the tragedy that occurred on Sept. 11,...

Media bias misinforms

Samantha Gallegos

September 12, 2012

There is a reason why younger generations, which are so largely impacted by the decisions made by possible future presidential figures, are unlikely to tune into the party conventions. Political conventions have lost their relevance in modern elections, but I blame the bias in televised media for turning youn...

GOP choices offer US little improvement

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, left, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt
Romney, right, shake hands at a debate. They are the two
front-runners for the Republican Party.

Artie Valenzuela

October 12, 2011

President Barack Obama is now sleeping with one eye open and a little notebook for ideas on his nightstand. America's economy has gone from bad to worse over the years and the election is a little more than a year away. So, now that we have a chance to consider someone else as our next president, wh...