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College Republicans tease Milo appearance, press charges against a ‘no ban’ protester

College Republicans tease Milo appearance, press charges against a ‘no ban’ protester

John Ferrannini

February 16, 2017

The Sacramento State College Republicans are considering inviting the controversial right-wing blogger Milo Yiannopoulos to campus while one of their members is pressing charges against a man he alleges assaulted him at a campus anti-Trump demonstration on Feb. 2. Mason Daniels, the president of the club, said that he will decide whether to invite Yiannopoulos — whose att...

Protesters on campus drag CSU East Bay into workers’ rights investigation

Zack Jordan

November 1, 2014

Protesters from the Northern California Carpenters Association (NCCA) local Union 46 were passing out flyers at Sacramento State describing a supposed government investigation against Sundt Construction. The protesters have been seen in front of the school on J Street and recently in front of ...

Urban Outfitters makes fun of tragedy

Urban Outfitters makes fun of tragedy

Erika Bradley

September 16, 2014

Nearly 44 years since the Kent State shooting where four students were killed protesting the Vietnam War, Urban Outfitters distastefully produced a faded red sweatshirt with the University’s logo and blood splatter.  The $129 sweatshirt was pulled from the online website and listed as “Kent Stat...

Future protests must be handled peacefully

Editorial staff

December 7, 2011

Freedom of speech is an invaluable right Americans have. It's one of the most exercised rights and how far people should go in voicing their views makes it one of the most debated. Part of the college experience for countless students is voicing their views, especially when those views are unpopular. Wh...