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Saigon Bay restaurant on campus serves up delicious pho

Minh Tran and Mimi Vo have taken over the responsibilities of having a restaurant and providing delicious Vietnamese cuisine to campus.

Monica Velez

February 4, 2015

Imagine the perfect cure to what seems like never-ending dehydration, headaches and a sensitive stomach as a result from the beverage choice last night: pho.Just in case there’s a chance of a 9 a.m. class Friday, when the night before was draining, the remedy is on the way to class at Saigon Bay Expr...

Review: Great Wall Bar-B-Q

Great Wall Bar-B-Q is known for their Mongolian style cooking which is commonly known as Mongolian Bar-B-Q. This dish typically includes a variety of meats, vegetables and noodles.

Justyce Mirjanovic

September 17, 2014

The Great Wall Bar-B-Q is a restaurant known for the buffet style noodle bar, which is all you can eat for dinner and all day on Saturday and Sunday.Great Wall Bar-B-Q is located on Howe Avenue and is fairly priced.Upon entering the Great Wall Bar-B-Q, commonly referred to as Mongolian BBQ, the first th...