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My pants are my business

State Hornet Staff September 26, 2014

I hate pants.When I transferred from a very conservative Christian school to a public high school and realized I had freedom over what I wore, I dedicated one day a week to not wearing them.I wore skirts...

Being funny does not require Y chromosome

Being funny does not require Y chromosome

Jaime Carrillo November 13, 2013

Comedy is subjective, but writing off an entire gender’s talents is rather shallow. Women are just as funny as men.If someone cannot find one comedienne they like at this point, they’re either not...

Males struggle to maintain body image

Elizabeth Ramirez December 6, 2012

When you type the word “women” in the Bing images search engine, photos of women in bikinis showing their flat stomachs and overly made faces appear. When you type in the word “men” in Bing images,...

Men on the Sacramento State cheerleading team hold up the women
after completing a stunt. The men are required to be in excellent
shape to hoist up team members.

Hornet cheerleaders dispel stereotype as a female sport

State Hornet Staff February 22, 2012

Male cheerleaders have been stereotypically categorized as being feminine, but the cheerleaders at Sacramento State are putting a stop to that stereotype and giving everyone a piece of their mind.There...

Title IX volleyball:The Obama administration is attempting to close a loophole in Title IX, which is designed to provide equal funding for NCAA men?s and women?s sports.:File Photo

Obama closes 2005 loophole in Title IX

Miriam Arghandiwal April 28, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden announced April 20 the Obama administration would overturn the 2005 revised interpretation to Title IX federal law, which was said to provide a loophole in the law. Title IX reads...

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