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Battle of the sexes

300 dpi 6 col x 6 in / 295x152 mm / 1004x518 pixels Kerry Meyer color illustration of divorce: women and men pulling apart a wedding ring. The Kansas City Star 2004KEYWORDS: krtfeatures features krtnational national krtworld world krtfamily family krtrelationship relationship krt abogado aspecto aspectos disolucion del matrimonio divergenciadivorciarse divorce divorciar marriage battle sexes ring compromise divorcio grabado illustration ilustracion kc contributed lawyer meyer coddington separacion separar 2004 krt2004
McClatchy Tribune courtesy photo April 22, 2014
Related Sites: Click here to learn more about the movie Click here to visit the Women's Resource Center As part of Sexual Assault Awareness month, the Women's Resource Center will show "War Zone," a movie that explores sex, power and what happens when men threaten a woman's right to not be harassed. By showing this movie, the center hopes to give the campus community a better understanding of what women go through daily, said Jessica Heskin, advocate for Violence and Sexual Assault Support Services. "I don't think that there's a single woman who hasn't been harassed," Heskin said. "I think that it's interesting to make the connection of harassment in everyday life and the sexual assault issue," Heskin said. The movie, which is approximately 76 minutes long, deals with filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West who actively confronts men who treat her sexually. According to the movie's Web site, Hadleigh-West turns her camera on men the same way men turn their aggression on her. The Web site states Hadleigh-West reveals the anger, fear and frustration as well as affection, admiration and humor that characterizes relationships between men and women. Patricia Grady, coordinator of the Women's Resource Center, said the movie is a poignant and intense look at the other side of how women feel when men objectify them. Associate Professor Oriel Strickland of the psychology department said she is definitely going to see the movie but that she was going in with an open mind and with no expectations. Strickland said sexual assault is inappropriate, juvenile, negative and that more discussion may help to prevent it from happening. The film will be shown at noon on April 10 in the Women's Resource Center. Alicia Loza-Ponce can be reached at [email protected]

No love in college

Kaitlin Sansenbach September 24, 2013

College is a time of self-discovery and the last chance to be selfish before embarking on a lifelong journey devoted to a career, family, stability and responsibility.Don’t get confused, this isn’t...

March is National Nutrition Month: Start snacking healthily

Popcorn is a great choice for healthy snacking. It is fiber-rich, whole grain and very low in fat. My favorite way to eat it is with sea salt or nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. 
Janice Daniels March 2, 2012

If you haven't already, make March the month to think differently about the food you consume - it is National Nutrition Month you know. Being healthy is a never-ending process and not something that happens...

The cycle of health: make healthy choices while influencing others to do the same

Be firm with your choices about food and don't let others discourage you or make choices for you. 
Janice Daniels February 24, 2012

One of the hardest parts about losing weight is telling people. Not just telling people you're losing weight, but telling people you are no longer going to eat the crap they serve you – especially when...

Valentine’s Day not only for couples

Natalie Gray February 8, 2012

It’s back. The day of unwanted fluffy teddy bears, chocolates making us fat, cards with hearts ending up in the trash and endless expectations for a perfect valentine unrealistic enough to make...

Deep kiss illustration

Courtesy of McClatchy Tribune August 31, 2011

300 dpi Julie Notarianni color illustration of couple kissing passionately. The Seattle Times 2008 deep kiss illustration kissing french mouth breath passion passionate sex sexy love romance couple dating...

Office love: worth a shot

officeromance::Courtesy of McClatchy Tribune
Dante Frattini March 29, 2011

Dating within the workplace is a well-known taboo in this country. I say “this country” because I’m assuming there’s no problem with it in places like Europe. Europe is down for anything. Seriously,...

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