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Soap operas in South Korea reflect passion and drama

Soap operas in South Korea reflect passion and drama
McClatchy Tribune February 5, 2014

South Korean dramas can be filled with as much comedy or drama as Latin telenovelas or  American soap operas, but without the time commitment. American soap operas such as “Days of Our Lives” can...

‘Vampire Diaries’ spin-off is keeping fans addicted to TV

‘Vampire Diaries’ spin-off is keeping fans addicted to TV
State Hornet Staff October 15, 2013

Series: “The Originals”Genre: Action, Adventure and DramaNetwork: CWDate/Time: Tuesdays, 8 p.m.Over the past few years, TV watchers have been saturated with vampire-themed shows and movies to keep...

Zombie nutrition: The best people to eat

Watch out, you might be the next meal for these hungry zombies.
McClatchy Tribune October 16, 2012

The eating habits of the future undead could mean the difference between a healthy, happy horde and a grumpy, hungry group. Selecting the right type of prey and being smart about which body parts to consume...

Norah Jones shines with a little help from her friends

Norah Jones album review 1:Norah Jones, winner for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Calif., on February 13, 2005.:McClatchy Tribune
Leia Ostermann November 29, 2010

Norah Jones is someone my mom likes. Telling people your mom likes something instantly puts it into a category that you are unwilling to talk about, whether praising or insulting. Norah Jones' new album...

’28 Weeks Later’: Not quite infectiously fun

photo courtesy
Brandon Wolfe May 16, 2007

In 2002's "28 Days Later," a viral outbreak ran rampant across London, turning the populace into bloody eyed, insane zombies (well, if you want to get technical, they were ill people with zombie-like qualities,...

This ‘mission’ is better than the rest

Image: This 'mission' is better than the rest:Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) right, rescues IMF Agent Lindsey Farris (Keri Russell) in
Aubrey Henry May 4, 2006

It seems only fashionable nowadays to figuratively jump all over Tom Cruise like he literally did to a certain talk show hostess' couch. At the risk of sounding unoriginal, I was never a huge fan of Cruise....

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