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Soap operas in South Korea reflect passion and drama

Soap operas in South Korea reflect passion and drama

McClatchy Tribune

February 5, 2014

South Korean dramas can be filled with as much comedy or drama as Latin telenovelas or  American soap operas, but without the time commitment. American soap operas such as “Days of Our Lives” can be on the air for over 40 yearswhereas South Korean dramas usually run about 16 to 20 episodes in the sp...

Spice up the holidays with chai cupcakes

Spice up the holidays with chai cupcakes

McClatchy Tribune

November 13, 2013

The swift entry of the cold weather season means one thing in many people’s homes– baking.The science of baking, as one might like to refer to the yummy pastime, assuredly precludes experimenting and trying out new recipes.One easy and convenient way to test out new flavor combinations is in the...


Photo courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

April 23, 2013

S.W.E.R (Student Working for Equal Rights) supporter, Cynthia Vizcardo, right, speaks with undocumented brothers, Francis and Jorge Tume, both students at Miami Dade College and Dreamers wanting to apply for deferred action, Wednesday, August 15, 2012, in Miami, Florida, as Wednesday marks the first day t...

Election Day


February 13, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown, from left, talks to the media and thanks the supporters of Proposition 30 Trish Gorham, president of the Oakland Education Association, and Relena Ellis, executive board member of the Oakland Education Association, after casting his ballot at his precinct at Oakland Fire Station 6 in Oaklan...

Prop. 30 Passes, tuition refund on the way?

Gov. Jerry Brown pushed for the passage of Proposition 30 in order to save the California State University system and other schools throughout the state of California.

Courtesy of Randy Pench - McClatchy Tribune

November 14, 2012

Sacramento State students will be spared a spring fee increase with the passage of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30. About 54 percent of California voters voted to approve the ballot measure that would bring in additional funding to K-12, California State University and University of California sys...

Zombie nutrition: The best people to eat

Watch out, you might be the next meal for these hungry zombies.

McClatchy Tribune

October 17, 2012

The eating habits of the future undead could mean the difference between a healthy, happy horde and a grumpy, hungry group. Selecting the right type of prey and being smart about which body parts to consume can ensure that the zombie horde keeps the rest of the human population fleeing in terror for y...

’50 Shades’

Sarah Dussault

August 29, 2012

Hustler Hollywood display of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy with S&M mask, whip and rose pedals on display near the checkout line, July 30, 2012, in South Florida. Hustler and other erotica shops have seen an increase in sales of items talked about in the book. Also, the customers coming in aren't...