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Faculty Senate approves excused absence policy, verified excuses now possible

Andres De Leon

May 4, 2015

Sacramento State's Faculty Senate passed the student excuse absence policy with a majority vote on Thursday.After weeks of amending the policy, students now have the right to request their professor’s reasonable accommodations for verified excused absences for exceptional circumstances.Such circumstances in...

Faculty Senate debates value of possible absence policy

Andres De Leon

April 4, 2015

The Sacramento State Faculty Senate resumed its discussion on the student excuse absence policy after the topic was held off the week before spring break.This policy that would affect all Sac State students still remains under review before receiving approval.“The issue is, does this give the student...

Faculty Senate concerned over shared governance

Jacob Abbott

September 17, 2014

Faculty Senate members met to voice their opinions on the administration’s recent disregard for the senate’s ability to make a nomination for the Selection Advisory Committee on Sept. 11. Two weeks earlier, Chiang Wang, Administrator in Charge of the College of Business Administration, announ...