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Homeless: the in-need and the needy

State Hornet Staff

May 13, 2014

-Kelly Abercrombie-Residents of downtown Sacramento go about their day avoiding the invisible people of our world – the homeless. There are varying degrees of invisibility exhibited by the homeless. Some are gracious, courteous and can interact with the people around them, but others are avoided at al...

Single mother overcomes homelessness and addiction to achieve high marks

Lisa Stanley gives credit to the street soccer team, Lady Salamanders, for turning her life around.

Jordon Griffin

February 25, 2014

On a plane trip to Paris in 2011 to play soccer, Sacramento State accounting major Lisa Stanleyhad time to reflect on how far she had come.Only a few years earlier, Stanley was homeless and committing crimes to get money for her drug habit.“I was drinking and smoking weed at 13, and I was doing meth by 14,...