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Some students have an unhealthy obsession with working out

Cam Sevaaetasi, Opinion Writer for The State Hornet, stretches before a workout at the Well.

Cambrie Sevaaetasi

November 5, 2015

Hundreds of students on campus are in gym clothes, having just worked out or on their way to work out. Spandex plagues the seats of classrooms and herds of gym shoes squeak across the halls. Today it seems just about everyone is in a fitness frenzy. The doors to Sacramento State's fitness center,...

The WELL offers healthy cooking demonstrations

Students listen to Scott Brown and Janice Garcia talk about nutrition, diet and how to cook. The Well, The Cove, Oct. 15, 2015

Nancy Rebolledo

October 19, 2015

Grab a friend and register for a cooking demo class in the Cove at the WELL. Throughout the semester, presentations will be taking place at least twice a month for those who are interested in learning how to cook new and healthy dishes. The cooking demo is part of the Health and Wellness Program...

Farm-to-Fork: buying locally can help students eat healthier

Marissa Montoya

September 22, 2015

College students are notorious for eating instant noodles, frozen foods, and cheap pizza. It is time to revamp the typical college student cuisine and get passionate about where our food comes from.Students at Sacramento State are fortunate to attend college in the land of bounty. One doesn’t have to...

“WELLcome Back” Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

Students prepare to climb the rock wall located inside the WELL during WELLcome Back event.

State Hornet Staff

September 9, 2015

Sacramento State students came out in record breaking numbers to this year’s “WELLcome Back” event to celebrate the building’s 5th year anniversary."Hornets" swarmed throughout the facilities and engaged in a variety of activities to learn more about what resources their tuition helps fund.J...

Sac State promotes happiness for students

Madyson Baker

October 1, 2014

The One World Initiative is a way to bring a global perspective to Sacramento State through classroom inclusion, events and student activities. This year the theme is a global perspective on happiness.Lisa Hammersley, the creator of the One World Initiative, said she hopes students at Sac State gain a...

E-cigarettes should be regulated like regular tobacco products

State Hornet Staff

February 5, 2014

Electronic Cigarettes are bad because it is still smoking.Tobacco company Lorillard Technologies, known for making Newport cigarettes and creator of the blu e-cigarette , is using commercials to advertise vaporized nicotine. E-cigarettes still contain nicotine and create a smoke-like vapor, not regu...

The WELL strives to give students satisfactory experience despite concerns

Students visit The WELL for a number of illnesses, and physicians are unaware of any unsatisfactory visits.

Kathleen Pizzo

December 4, 2013

With comprehensive medical and mental health offerings, the Student Health and Counseling Services offers a collaborative approach to healthcare that offers both urgent and primary care to Sacramento State students.Despite ranking consistently near the top of the California State University benchmark survey on patient...

Students have access to health insurance through Affordable Care Act

Kathleen Pizzo

October 16, 2013

Starting this month, the Affordable Care Act will allow many eligible college students to enroll in either no-cost public insurance or heavily discounted private insurance.CSU Chancellor Timothy White addressed the Affordable Care Act in an informational video on the CSU website.“CSU has partnered with C...

Sac State Pepsi contract promotes unhealthy habits

Scott Barrett

May 1, 2013

PepsiCo Inc. pays Sac State $480,000 a year plus 18 percent of its campus sales as part of an exclusivity contract signed in 2006. The contract allows exclusive drink marketing access for the company and prevents the sale of any similar products from other providers. Sac State’s contract lasts 25 ye...

Campus’ state of mental health examined more closely by faculty

Campus' state of mental health examined more closely by faculty

Imran Majid

April 16, 2013

While the Counseling and Psychological Services at Sacramento State is considered a model collegiate mental health program within the California State University system, some union representatives voiced frustration about the program and a recent employment switch. The Employment Assistance Program, a fr...

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