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Cancer survivor organizes gaming competition to fund cure

Cancer survivor Austin Young founded Gaming for a Cause, a gaming competition and charity.

Fabian Garcia

April 2, 2013

Whether it be fighting cancer or starting his own non-profit gaming organization, Austin Young has learned to play on.  On Thursday, Young will host a video game competition called “Gaming for a Cause” in Sacramento State’s Union Lobby Suite in an effort to raise money for cancer-related chari...

GameFly revitalizes game rentals and helps innovate game availability

Nathan Mendelowitz

August 29, 2012

Renting games has been a big part of the gaming industry since being able to rent Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video beginning in 1987.However, in recent years with the collapse of both Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, renting games seemed lost. Then GameFly arriv...