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Student panel discusses holes in American history curriculum


Anna Agundez

March 16, 2016

Students and historian present holes in academic history discipline on Wednesday March 9 in Hinde Auditorium in the University Union Last fall Chiitaanibah Johnson, a sophomore history major of Navaho descent at Sacramento State, got into an argument with an adjunct professor because she believ...

Discussion sparks an open dialogue from students

Donovan McKinley, senior FACS major with concentration in family studies, participates in the

Monica Dattage

February 25, 2016

The Pride Center hosted an event Wednesday afternoon titled, "You're Cute for a Black Guy." The goal of the event was to start a conversation about how race can, and often does, play a part in romantic relationships. Topics covered included what it means to be a person of color in today's dating culture, and ...

GRAY AREA: Courteous conduct in classroom conducive for learning


Natalie Gray

March 14, 2012

Looking at a college syllabus today, one would find a section on classroom conduct telling students to refrain from doing things like texting, Facebook or answering calls. Seems fairly reasonable, but these aren’t the only discourteous acts students, and even professors, do during a lecture. A recent i...