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Addressing a controversial topic

State Hornet Staff

October 8, 2013

Last Wednesday, a crafty and anonymous individual rang the desk bell at The State Hornet office to deliver a copy of the paper with the words “total bullshit” scribbled over an opinion story discussing the validity of race and diversity courses.Meanwhile, more insightful commentary streamed through the ...

As Prop. 8 resurfaces nationally, pride week ignites on Sac State’s campus

As Prop. 8 resurfaces nationally, pride week ignites on Sac State's campus

Isabel Ward

April 9, 2013

Proposition 8 made its way back into the national conversation just in time for Pride Week, which started Monday.  The debate has reached a pinnacle as the case finally made it to Supreme Court.   Passed in 2008, proposition 8 defines marriage as an act between a man and a woman and therefore does not reco...

Debate team expects victory at CSU Northridge match

Members of Sac State's debate team pose in front of their awards
- with Kristen Tudor, team coach, in the center 

Sean Keister

November 9, 2011

Sacramento State's debate team heads toward this weekend's competition at CSU Northridge with its confidence at an all-time high after a series of recent victories. The team has already taken the top spots at several tournaments this semester, earning first place at the San Francisco State University T...

ASI president competes in digital debate

Sean Keister

May 6, 2011

Associated Students Inc. President Terry Martin came in second place at the first-ever totally digital debate last week. The debate, part of the Annenberg Digital Debates, was hosted by the University of Southern California. It was the first intercollegiate debate tournament to be conducted entirely via...