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Sac State student-athletes on their shelter-at-home routines

The Sac State Athletics Department canceled all sports through the end of the academic year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With all the extra time, student-athletes have found themselves picking up new and old hobbies to pass the time.
Olivia Laroa April 16, 2020

With the NCAA suspension of all remaining winter and spring championships, games and practices and Sacramento State’s subsequent cancellation of sports through the end of the academic year, student-athletes...

Sac State on-campus housing puts further social distancing restrictions on residents

Despite a week of canceled classes, the residence hall parking lot outside Riverview Hall is still crowded on March 17. Riverview Hall residents will follow mandated restrictions to promote social distancing efforts starting Friday.
Gavin Rock April 9, 2020

Sacramento State dorm residents will face further restrictions beginning Friday at 3 p.m., according to an email sent to residents by Samuel Jones, director of housing operations and conference services.  All...

‘I lose focus a lot more than I usually do’: Sac State students share their struggles with virtual classes

Students struggle to find consistency to stay on task as they continue their transition to online-only classes. Many fear their grades will not reflect their strength as students in regular sessions
Magaly Muñoz April 8, 2020

In Sacramento State’s second week of online-only classes due to the coronavirus outbreak, students are struggling with academics in a virtual format. Students like Hannah Rowles, a recreation, parks...

OPINION: I have OCD. Now, it seems like everybody else does too

OPINION: I have OCD. Now, it seems like everybody else does too
Jordan Silva-Benham, Copy Editor April 1, 2020

When I was 10 years old, I asked my mom if there was anything I could do to never have to face germs again. She told me no — it was not rational to hide from what is only natural.  That same year,...

The WELL offers partial refunds to Sac State faculty, staff, alumni

The WELL at Sacramento State. According to an email obtained by The State Hornet, they are offering refunds to faculty, staff, alumni and sponsored members.
Madeleine Beck, deputy copy editor March 27, 2020

The WELL at Sacramento State will offer refunds to faculty, staff, alumni and sponsored members according to an email obtained by the State Hornet.  “We are emailing all of our Monthly-EFT Faculty,...

‘Financially, it’s kind of ugly for me’: How the coronavirus hurts Sac State students’ finances

Seen here is the Hornet's Nest located inside the University Union at Sac State Monday March 16th, completely empty.
Garry Singh March 22, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses throughout the nation to cut hours or close, leaving many out of work, including students at Sacramento State.   On Thursday, the state of California...

‘I was at a loss for words’: 47 Sac State senior athletes to miss their final season

The Sac State Athletics Department announced Wednesday that all sports would be canceled for the remainder of the academic year. Sac State seniors will now miss out on their final year of eligibility.
Jason Gallardo March 20, 2020

The Sacramento State Athletics Department canceled all sports Wednesday, leaving 47 senior student athletes unable to finish their last year of eligibility. In addition, four senior basketball players...

OPINION: Fear of coronavirus has plagued us all, inducing panic buying

A sign at WinCO Foods in Elk Grove was made by a WinCo employee on Sunday, March 15, informing customers that they are out of toilet paper. People flocked to stores due to the COVID-19 outbreak and possible mass lockdown.
Ashton Byers March 18, 2020

The announcement of a national emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak made by President Donald Trump, left many, including myself, frantically scouring the stores for items needed in the event of a...

Sacramento City Council announces emergency measures due to coronavirus

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg arrives at the Sac State University Union before speaking as part of the  panel on coronavirus related discrimination Wednesday, March 4, 2020. On Friday March 13, 2020 the city council announced emergency measures help combat the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic
Chris Wong March 13, 2020

The Sacramento City Council announced emergency measures Friday during a special city council meeting in response to the spread of COVID-19. The meeting was live streamed but closed to the public to...

FAQ: Local, state and national responses to COVID-19

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom speaking during a forum hosted by the Campaign for College Opportunity as he runs for governor of California. Newsom declared a state of emergency on March 4 in response to the coronavirus.
Gavin Rock March 13, 2020

Question: What is the coronavirus? Answer: According to the CDC, coronavirus refers to the family of viruses that are commonly found in humans and animals. Forms of the virus that have spread from animals...

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