The State Hornet

Arts and Letters branches out to possible recruits

Gregory Allen

November 23, 2014

The College of Arts and Letters hosted their first expo event to provide Sacramento State students an opportunity to network and learn more about the Arts and Letters clubs.The event, which featured representatives from 11 campus clubs and organizations, was held in the Redwood Room of the University Union on ...

Dollars and Clubs receives record number of grant requests

Cailin Jessup

March 5, 2014

The Associated Students Inc. Dollars for Organizations and Clubs program, had a record number of grant applicants for its first February meeting, dividing $14,540 among more than 30 student clubs and organizations.The program exists as a tool for student clubs and organizations to provide itemized reimbursement g...

Club Day allows students the chance to get involved on campus

State Hornet Staff

January 30, 2014

Contradictory of its commuter campus reputation, Sacramento State opened up the 2013 spring semester with a lively quad full of info booths ran by it’s many student organizations. Club day, which actually lasts around two weeks, is for organizations to hand out fliers and converse with incoming freshmen a...

New club at Sacramento State spreads sexual awareness

Kathleen Pizzo

September 18, 2013

Choice USA is a new club at Sacramento State that focuses on reproductive awareness and comprehensive sex education.Brought to Sac State earlier this year by Mackenzie Buchanan, Choice USA values embracing sexuality as a positive and healthy component of human development and envisions a world where al...

New cup and straw design detects invisible date-rape drugs in drinks

New cup and straw design detects invisible date-rape drugs in drinks

Natalie Gray

September 17, 2013

Imagine feeling safer at every bar you walk into, knowing some pervert can’t slip you an undetected date rape drug. Soon a seemingly simple plastic cup and straw design will revolutionize the bar scene and hopefully help reduce the number of sexual assaults involving alcohol. The Center for Women ...

Break away from cozy gatherings

Editorial Staff

November 2, 2011

People have a tendency to gravitate toward others who look or sound like themselves. Students are no exception as it is completely natural to want to associate with people of a similar background on campus. At Sacramento State, many students seem to be content with spending a majority of their free tim...