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President Alexander Gonzalez speaks at local African-American church

Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez, speaks to the congregation of Antioch Progressive Church in Sacramento on Sunday.

State Hornet Staff

February 16, 2014

As part of the California State University African-American initiative to increase enrollment and graduation rates, Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez spoke at Antioch Progressive Church in Sacramento on Sunday for the ninth annual Super Sunday.Held on Sundays throughout February, Super Sunday ...

Bad experiences can turn people away from church forever

Isabel Ward

March 20, 2013

Church can be a place of community and growth, but it can also be a place of spiritual hindrance. Many church members have had their faiths trampled by people in the church who have hurt them and therefore decide to stop attending. Judgment is one of the main reasons people stop attending church. Chur...

Music in church is inviting and fun

Isabel Ward

February 20, 2013

When you walk into an auditorium where the music is playing louder than your thoughts, and the lights bounce back and forth while smoke fills the stage, you probably would not be surprised to see energetic singers with spiked hair holding guitars onstage. But this place is no rock concert like you may ...