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Fright Planet scares locals at Cal Expo

Kelsie Tennyson is ready to go out and scare the crowd at Fright Planet in Cal Expo. 

Camille Anglo

October 30, 2013

For the last three years, Fright Planet, located at Ethan Way and Exposition Boulevard, has drawn visitors during the Halloween season for jumpy haunts and screams.The theme park, which includes 10 attractions such as Alice’s Nightmare in 3D and a simulator for getting buried alive, is designed to mater...

Electric Run lights up the street in a rave-style race

Chris Lopez

April 22, 2013

The harmonious mixture of lights, sound and high-energy music of a rave paired together with the fitness of a 5k run came together to create a unique experience like no other.Electric run was held for the first time in Sacramento on April 20th at Cal Expo.The event was well received with over 9000 neon-clad runners o...

Haunted houses offer spooky alternatives

Actors in the Haunted Hagan Park dress up in Old West-style
clothing for their scary rendition of a haunted house in Rancho

Benjamin Dewey

October 26, 2011

Once again, Halloween is nearing and you may or may not have already made plans to get completely wasted and stagger the streets in search of a party or anyone willing to throw candy at you. If you thirst for something a little different from your average Halloween experience, making a trip to one of...