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Theater department reenacts ’90s L.A. riot era

Jessica Vernone

February 18, 2015

Police brutality has been one of the most controversial topics in society. The frustration of the public continually feeling justice is not being served sometimes turns into protests and riots.The Rodney King case is one example that went down in history, causing 53 deaths and over 2,000 injuries du...

MLK365 march unites the community

Daniel Magalit

January 29, 2015

As people marched from Sacramento City College to the state Capitol and finally to the Sacramento Convention Center, Jan. 19 became more than a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; It was a day of solidarity and understanding.“It brings people with the same beliefs for civil and human rights, toget...

Teen profanity illustration

Teen profanity illustration

McClatchy Tribune courtesy photo

May 6, 2014

300 dpi Charles Waltmire color illustration of teen in black T-shirt with soap bubbles in mouth (washing mouth out with soap.) The Sacramento Bee 2008teen profanity illustration soap soapy washing mouth out with teenager black teeshirt skull clean language swear curse cussing cuss foul mouthed manners ...

affirmative action

McClatchy Tribune

October 29, 2013

Size as needed, Patterson Clark scratchboard-style B&W illustration of African American climbing a ladder held by white man, woman while another white man tries to saw the ladder apart. The Miami Herald, 1995 CATEGORY: ILLUSTRATION SUBJECT: Affirmative action illus. 3 ARTIST: Patterson Clark ORIGIN: Miami H...

Race and diversity classes make some students uncomfortable

Race and diversity classes make some students uncomfortable

Kaitlin Sansenbach

October 1, 2013

Along with other universities in California, Sacramento State requires all students to take a race and ethnicity course to examine significant aspects of different cultures or underrepresented minorities. However, in doing so they are creating a prejudice of their own. The whole point of the race and ...

Black Art of Dance concert series continues with 21st showing at Sac State

Black Art of Dance concert series continues with 21st showing at Sac State

A'talah Foster

March 6, 2013

Heritage and music collide in the dance department’s annual concert celebrating black dance culture.  The dance department holds the Sacramento/Black Art of Dance Company, which has been at Sac State for more than 21 years. Dance choreographer Linda Goodrich created the dance company following in...