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Faculty senate honored Anthony Sadler

Joel Boland

October 16, 2015

At the Sacramento State Faculty Senate's meeting on Thursday, Oct. 15, Anthony Sadler was presented with a plaque thanking him for his bravery. President Robert Nelsen also attended to introduce a Cely Smart, a new special assistant in his office. Ryan Todd, a sustainability manager at Sac S...

Sacramento throws hometown heroes parade

Zack Jordan

September 11, 2015

Sacramento held a parade in honor of the hometown heroes who stopped the terrorist attack on the train in France. The parade took place downtown in Sacramento and ended at the Capitol where Mayor Kevin Johnson spoke honoring the heroes Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos. Johnson...

Why Anthony Sadler should have some peace

Anthony Sadler, a senior at Sacramento State, listens to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson's speech about the events in France on August 26.

Brittney Christ

September 8, 2015

Sacramento State's Anthony Sadler has received a slew of media attention and inquiries because of his act of heroism while on vacation in Europe. Sadler, along with two friends, stopped a terrorist attack on a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris on Aug. 21, 2015.Sadler is a 23-year-old kinesiology major ...

Anthony Sadler makes appearance on the Tonight Show

Anthony Sadler, a senior at Sacramento State, listens to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson's speech about the events in France on August 26.

Jonathan Ayestas

September 2, 2015

Anthony Sadler, a Sacramento State senior who helped stop a possible terrorist attack in France appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Sadler said he was sleeping on the train while traveling with Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos when he heard gunshots and glass cracking and the gun...

Sacramento holds press conference for Anthony Sadler

Christine Kittle

August 26, 2015

Hometown hero Anthony Sadler has returned to Sacramento. A press conference was held Wednesday afternoon in the Sacramento City Hall Plaza for Sadler, a Sacramento State student, who helped stop an attack by an armed gunman on a high-speed train in France last Friday. {{tncms-asset app="edi...

President Nelsen praises Anthony Sadler for helping stop armed gunman on French Train

President Robert Nelsen speaks to a reporter at his first press conference with Sacramento State on July 1, 2015. Nelson said tuesday that a scholarship fund is being set up by the university for Anthony Sadler's tuition. 

Christine Kittle

August 26, 2015

Sacramento State President Robert Nelsen spoke Tuesday about setting up a website where people can contribute to a scholarship fund for Anthony Sadler, a Sac State senior who helped to stop an armed gunman from shooting train passengers in France last Friday.   “What we’re concentr...

Sac State honors servicemen with digital billboard

Kellie McCown

August 24, 2015

Sacramento State honors the three servicemen who received the legion d'honneur for stopping a terrorist attack in France with a digital billboard that can be seen from Highway 50, calling the men heroes.The three Americans were awarded the medals by French President Francois Hollande in a ceremony Mon...