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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Black student athletes’ fight for social justice in Sac State athletics

In a 50-year-old State Hornet story, black athletes describe how it felt being discriminated against on a college basketball team a year after the Civil Rights Movement ended. The athletes compiled a list of demands, which included the restructuring of the athletics program to include both black and white athletes in decision making.

Milan Cabebe

May 17, 2019

In 1969, Sacramento State basketball players voiced their grievances against the university's athletics department at a public press conference held on campus after experiencing prejudice and discrimination while on the team. The team was coached by Jack Heron at the time. The disagreement on his ha...

The State Hornet celebrates its 70th anniversary

The State Hornet celebrates its 70th anniversary

The State Hornet Staff

April 24, 2019

"We’ll tell the world." Those four words were hand-drawn on the front page of the first issue of The State Hornet, then called the Sacramento State College Hornet Bulletin, published on Jan. 14, 1949. We’ve been on a mission to do that ever since. Here are some of the most notable moments of the...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: 1988 was Hornet football’s best year ever

The 1988 Div. II semifinals game is the furthest the Hornets have gone in the team’s postseason history. During the season, the team beat local rival University of California, Davis twice — once during the regular season, and once during the playoffs.

Jordan Silva-Benham

April 24, 2019

November of 1988 is the farthest that Sacramento State’s football team has ever advanced in the playoffs. Then staff writer for The State Hornet, Joe Krieg, said the Hornets “pummel[ed]” the North Carolina Central Eagles in the game. The Hornets won 56-7. At the time, the team was led by...

EDITORIAL: Goodbye, print

EDITORIAL: Goodbye, print

The State Hornet Editorial Board

April 23, 2019

2019 marks a big change for The State Hornet — we’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of our formation as Sacramento State’s campus news organization, and as the school year draws to a close, we will transition to an online-only publication. To celebrate this monumental change, we’re revisiting what we ...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Before directing fame, Ryan Coogler was Sac State football standout

Ryan Coogler speaks at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con for film 'Black Panther.' Coogler, an alumnus of Sac State, spoke to The State Hornet about his plans to attend film school at the University of Southern California in 2007.

Eric Jaramishian

April 23, 2019

Before Black Panther and Creed director Ryan Coogler became a big name in Hollywood, he was a powerhouse for the Sacramento State football team. Since Coogler’s rise to fame as a movie director, he has become an important piece of Sac State pride and history. About six years before Coogler’s ...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: FBI requests tapes from State Hornet interview with Manson cult member 44 years ago

Following the September 5, 1975 attempt on U.S. President Gerald Ford’s life by cultist Charles Manson Family member Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, Secret Service agents rush President Ford towards the California State Capitol in Sacramento.

Mitchel Bobo

April 23, 2019

A fall 1975 issue features a standoff between State Hornet staff members and the FBI over the release of taped recordings and notes from interviews with Sandra “Blue” Good, a member of the famed 1960s serial killer Charles Manson’s cult family. After repeated trips to jail, Manson traveled to the Summer of L...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Sac State baseball team’s trip to the 1988 College World Series

Hometown support wasn't enough to keep the Hornets baseball team from losing a 12-inning title game in May of 1987. It was the Hornets' second series appearance in three years.

Milan Cabebe

April 23, 2019

In 1988 Sacramento State’s men’s baseball team reached its highest point as a program when it nearly captured the Division II College World Series, ultimately falling in the championship game to Florida Southern University. The Hornets lost 5-4 in 12 innings to Florida Southern at the National Col...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: 50 years of coed dorm living at Sac State

Draper Hall and Jenkins Hall were the first residential halls to turn coed in 1971. After a survey provided by the Residence Hall Association was taken, Sac State determined coed dorms would be allowed on campus.

Andres Sanchez

April 23, 2019

Those who live in the dorms on campus, specifically Draper Hall and Jenkins Hall, may know that these are coed dorms, meaning that they are housed by both male and female students. What you may not know is that about nearly 50 years ago, this was not the case. In 1970, the Residence Hall Association surv...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Looking back at the Church of Scientology’s 1970s battle with The State Hornet

‘We’ll tell the world.’ Those four words were hand-drawn on the front page of the first issue of The State Hornet, then called the Sacramento State College Hornet Bulletin, published on Jan. 14, 1949. We’ve been on a mission to do that ever since.

Jose Fabian

April 23, 2019

An almost four-year clash between the Church of Scientology, Sacramento State’s Associated Students, Inc. and The State Hornet ended with an all out media blitz in the 70s. Issues arose when The State Hornet published a critical three-part series on the Church of Scientology. “I didn’t know...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: MLK Jr., Cesar Chavez and more important speakers in Sac State’s history

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech about racial inequality in front of approximately
7,000 students at Sacramento State College, now named Sacramento State, on Oct. 16, 1967.

Storm Ray and Will Coburn

April 23, 2019

Dr. King Martin Luther King Jr. visited Sacramento State in October 1967, where 7,000 students gathered in the football stadium to hear the words of the most influential man in the history of the Civil Rights movement. The Georgia native is historically known for dedicating his life to the fight aga...

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