Thrifting 101 with the 3 C’s: cute, comfy, and casual (ft. Mary Lou Bagatan): NOT JUST A FAD PODCAST


Host Hannah Asuncion talks to Crossroads Trading store manager Mary Lou Bagatan about fashion week, the three C’s of fashion and staple outfits on this week’s episode of Not Just A Fad. (Graphic made in Canva by Mack Ervin III)

Hannah Asuncion

On the third episode of Not Just a Fad, diversity, equity and inclusion reporter Hannah Asuncion talks with store manager at Crossroads Trading Mary Lou Bagatan about fashion inspirations growing up, certain fashion rules/tips, favorite thrift stores/items to thrift, and favorite staple pieces within an outfit.  

Music: Lofi HipHop Intro 18 by TaigaSoundProd