SPICY TAKES: Butt play doesn’t make you gay


Sierra Savage, Distribution manager

Reader be advised: Sierra’s Spicy Takes is, as the kids might say, NSFW. Read at your own discretion.

My good friend David has been watching a weird Hulu show called Letterkenny. Last night he got me hooked. There was a cold open that I felt especially encapsulates this exact question.

Q: My boyfriend wants me to fuck him with a strap-on, does that make him gay?

  • Snoopy

A: Short answer, no.

The only thing that would make your boyfriend gay would be if he were attracted to men. That’s literally the only thing because that’s all being gay means.

Cisgendered males have a thing called a prostate. I think of it as a boy clit. I’m personally pretty jealous of them if we’re being completely transparent. However, it’s located up their buttholes which is a problem for a lot of dudes.

As I talked about last week, in my experience, boys don’t usually want things in their butts, but some do. It’s definitely not a weird request and I would not be concerned about your boyfriend being gay because he’s asking for that.

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It might not even be about his prostate at all. It might be about power dynamics and dominance/subordinance play.

There’s literally no way for us to know without asking so if you haven’t asked him why he wants it, I would suggest starting there.  

At the end of the day, you’re the one that would have to strap up, so if it makes you uncomfortable to the extent that you wouldn’t be open to trying it, that’s also completely your right.

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