OPINION: Get over yourselves, OG Kim Possible fans. Remakes are OK


Jeff Weddell - Disney Channel

Sadie Stanley, left, and Sean Giambrone star as Kim Possible and best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable in the live action Disney Channel movie “Kim Possible.”

Janelle Williams

Since a live-action Kim Possible movie was announced by Disney Channel last summer, fans of the old series have been insufferable on social media.

From harassing the 17-year-old actress Sadie Stanley who was chosen for the lead role about her looks, body and acting talent, to nitpicking the hell out of the stunts and dialogue, Kim Possible fans show everyone that too much nostalgia can turn you into a total jerk.

Unless you live under a social-media-less rock, you’ve probably seen the viral memes and videos mocking the new Kim Possible movie on your timeline at least once.

Old fans just can’t let this go, and it actually drove poor Stanley off of Twitter a while ago.

What did y’all want from this movie? Because I watched it Friday night and honestly — it’s not that bad.

It did its job. It told the story of a redhead teen superhero and her dweeby male sidekick fighting bad guys — and Shego — and still getting home before curfew.

The cast was aged down a few years to high school freshmen, and it worked really well with the new plot. The acting was overall pretty standard, and besides a strange cameo role for Christy Carlson Romano, I thought the Kim Possible movie was pretty well done.

This is not a For-Your-Consideration film, it’s a Friday night original movie meant for kids.

And it was written by the same team that worked on the original show — co-creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, with Josh A. Cagan — so all of these complaints about the movie being “inaccurate” for changing really minor details like Kim playing a new sport or Ron finding Rufus are pretty hilarious to me.

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One tweet even complained about the way Ron said “boo-yah.”  

I’m not going to lie, before the movie aired on Friday I was laughing along with everyone else. We need to face the facts, though, ‘90s babies.

Most of us were talking trash just to talk. We don’t like having to share something we feel belongs to us with actual kids. Some of you really need a reminder that Kim Possible, old and new, is owned by Disney channel — not us. Old KP fans were definitely shouted out in the movie, but we are not the target audience of Disney anymore.

And it’s kind of weird how many of us want to be.

Honestly, if you roasted the movie half a year before it came out, why are you spending a Friday night watching it on Disney Channel? To complain. About everything.

These tweets are corny and very, very unadult.

It’s pretty clear that you don’t want the movie to exist at all because you’re still stuck on your early 2000s nostalgia. You don’t want things you loved as a kid to change because it would mean accepting that we are now actual, real-life adults that will have to start paying off loans and buying mortgages once we get the hell out of school.

I get it. But honestly, it’s a kids movie, and guess what: it’s not that deep.

If you love Kim Possible so much, just go watch the old series and leave these kids and their kid movies the hell alone.