Video: Sac State students share how they use the University Library

The University Library has the resources students need to push through finals

With finals week just around the corner, the University Library at Sacramento State is filled with students as they finish off remaining assignments and prepare for final exams.

According to the University Library website, students can use the library database to search for books or academic journals for research projects. If a student cannot find an article at Sac State’s library, they can use the online service CSU+ to access books and media from the other California State University campus libraries. If students still cannot find what they are looking for with CSU+, then they can use an Interlibrary Loan to access materials from different campus libraries.

Students can also find a librarian based on their major to help them on research projects.

The library has 14 group study rooms that seat 4 to 8 people each. The rooms are located from the lower level, under the first floor, to the fourth floor. Group study rooms can be booked up to two hours. The rooms are first come, first served, but can be reserved in advance.

The library contains over 180 computers, and students can use the printers to print out assignments. Students can borrow laptops by going over to the service desk on the first floor and they can request to borrow a laptop.