REVIEW: ‘Creed II’ is predictable, but still a must-watch

‘Creed II’ adds to the greatest boxing series of all time


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Dominique Walker


Usually, sequel movies are flops, but “Creed II” is an action-packed film with awesome fighting scenes and a great storyline that ties to the original Rocky series.

Protagonist Adonis Creed fights a member of the Drago family, like his father.

Apollo Creed, father of Adonis, was portrayed in the first four original “Rocky” movies, in which Apollo befriended Rocky Balboa throughout the series.  

Before they became friends, Apollo beat Balboa in a boxing match in the first film, lost to Rocky in the second film and then trained Rocky in the third film.

In “Rocky IV,” a retired Apollo fought Ivan Drago in an exhibition match. Apollo did not take the match seriously, leading to Ivan wanting to prove that the match was indeed serious.

After dominating the first round, Rocky tells Apollo that he will stop the fight, but Apollo does not want him to. The second round results in Apollo Creed dying in Rocky’s arms.

That scene ends with the famous quote from Ivan Drago, “If he dies, he dies.”

In “Creed II,” Viktor Drago, Ivan’s son, was dominating all of his opponents with incredible power. It was inevitable that he would fight Creed in this film, just like his father did in “Rocky IV.”

Drago’s team called out Adonis Creed and Adonis accpeted the fight.

Rocky didn’t support Adonis’ decision to fight Drago, which consequently resulted in him training without Rocky.

I was very interested in the events occurring throughout the movie, but the rest of the plot of the film seemed predictable.

It was so predictable that a friend whispered to me, “Creed is going to lose this fight, then get hospitalized, then he will fight him again and win.”

That exact thing happened.

In the first fight, Adonis Creed is beaten badly by Drago, which leads him to have an orbital fracture, along with broken ribs and has to stay in the hospital.

Though it was predictable, it was a really exciting film. The fighting scenes and the storyline connect well to the original Rocky series.

Every fighting scene had people in the theaters yelling and gasping as if it were a real fight.

The movie does contain some corny parts in the film as well.

For example, during the last fight of the film, Adonis Creed gets knocked out and the referee asks him “What is your name?” and he yells “Creed.” He recovers and begins to dominate the rest of the fight and beats Viktor Drago.

Despite being cheesy and predictable at times, it is still a must-watch film based off the fight scenes and plot alone.