‘A is for Art’ brings finger painting to another level


Art done by Sac State children

Marvin Davis

“A is for Art” is an annual art exhibition at Sacramento State that will be showcasing the artwork of children from ages six months to 5 years old.

The art exhibit, which will be in the University Union Gallery, is done in collaboration with the ASI Children’s Center on campus and is done to support the country’s Week of the Young Child. The week is an annual dedication to young children and early learning.

Design, Identity and Studio Manager Rebecca Voorhees is in charge of setting up the art exhibit. Voorhees said the it will include around six to 15 different art pieces that students of all ages have done.

“Students over in the art center aged anywhere from six months to four or five years old do various art work and projects throughout the year,” Voorhees said. “They use this as an opportunity to really showcase the young artists and their work.”

The teachers of the young students send in write-ups that describe the various art pieces on display. Visitors to the art exhibit will then be able to read about what the artist’s intentions were, what skills they were working on, and what the children were trying to learn by doing the project.

“Each and every year it’s completely different, so we don’t really know what we’re going to get,” Voorhees said. “Last year they had a piece of driftwood that the kids had strung beads around to make it look like a sort of decorative wind chime.”