Sac state police have a meet and greet with campus community

Cheyenne Jayne

Health educators at the WELL held a “Coffee with Cops” event in The Cove on Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 8:30 a.m. at Sacramento State.

Jessica Heskin, an employee at the WELL, said this is the third year the WELL has held this event. She said they try to hold the event once a year in September during the welcome weeks when there is an influx of students who will be more aware of events.

Heskin works in the Violence and Sexual Assault Support Services program at the WELL. She said the idea came from a spin off of “Cookies with Counselors.”

“Coffee with Cops” is to help students become comfortable with the cops and to inquire more information about their services.

“Being a part of a Violence and Sexual Assault Service program, I deal with cops all the time, so I’m comfortable with them but I realize that not everybody is,” Heskin said.

Heskin created the rule that no student could get coffee or doughnuts unless they asked a cop a question.

Sac State Police Lieutenant Dave Heaphy, who has worked on campus since 2004, was also at the event and spoke about the Community Service Officers. He said the CSOs are the younger ones walking around campus dressed in light blue shirts.

Heaphy also said that all of the CSOs are Sac State students who went through interviews to get those positions. The CSO position is paid, and they work in security situations around campus.

Heaphy referred to the CSO position as “a great stepping stone” to pave the way for their future careers. Heaphy also said he loves his job on Sac State’s campus because he gets to watch people grow, and he likes being around “energizing and motivating” individuals.

Sac State Chief of Police Mark Iwasa, who has worked on campus for four years, said the department at Sac State is comprised of 23 sworn officers and almost 90 CSOs.

“If students are on Facebook, look at our page,” Iwasa said. “It has all our crime stats and number of arrests.”