We Should Be Allowed to Protect Ourselves

Brittney Christ

Guns on college campuses in particular have become a hot topic in the last few years because of infamous shootings such as Columbine High School in ’99 and Virginia Tech in ’07. These massacres have sparked debate over gun control laws as well as gun violence involving youth.

Texas lawmakers have passed a campus-carry bill that will come into action in August 2016 for universities and August 2017 for community colleges; granted the bill is signed into law by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. Those in support of this bill, such as women who have been assaulted on campus or students who just feel unsafe and want the right to protect themselves against another Virginia Tech incident, claim this new law will give gun owners the security to know that they have the right to defend themselves in overtly dangerous situations.

According to The University of Iowa, 53 percent of students think guns should not be allowed, and would be upset if they were legal to have on campus. In addition, many professors are worried about frenzied students coming into their offices and threatening the professors over bad grades. However, surely there will be rules to be allowed to carry these guns onto campus.

The popular phrase that comes to mind is, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” There have been many hilarious memes about gun control. One in particular that has gotten people talking is the picture of the newspaper clipping of the man who says that he left his gun on the porch all day and it never shot anyone.

The man behind the photo, Donald Martin, said, “Can you imagine how surprised I was, with all of the hype about how dangerous guns are and how they kill people?…Either the killing is by people misusing guns or I’m in the possession of the laziest gun in the world. So now I’m off to check my spoons, because I heard they make people fat.”

Allowing guns on campuses will not only make students feel more secure, but it will hopefully eliminate a potential school shooting that ends up in the death of innocent people. Of course, every school within the eight states (Texas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Washington) allowing this bill will have strict rules about gun usage and will have training courses in addition to those required to own a gun in the first place. Furthermore, gun registration will probably be required as well. So why is everyone worrying so much?

Let’s promote self-defense and stop shaming those who want to exercise their second amendment.