Party smart this St. Patrick’s Day

Brittney Christ

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St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that lies in the middle of March that tends to be overlooked.

However, St. Patty’s Day is more important than we realize. According to The History Channel 83 percent of the U.S. population wears green and 31 percent attend a party. Not only is it a surefire way to have fun with friends and eat and drink in excess, but it is a break from hectic college life. As college students, we don’t usually get a break, especially one that is publicly acceptable.

Spring break follows right behind St. Patrick’s so why not let loose and have a beer? The holiday falls right in between the dreaded Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day- it’s no wonder the acronym for it is S.A.D.) and Easter. Not to mention, it’s pretty much smack dab in the middle of midterms and other crazy projects, so it’s a sure thing that almost every college student is going to need a break.

You should know that it started out as a religious holiday praising Saint Patrick.

The story is he was born in Britain, kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave when he was 16.

He eventually escaped slavery and Ireland, but later returned thanks to a “call from God” that told him to convert the Irish to Christianity. He was rumored to have once converted over 12,000 people in one day.

Today, most Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s day just to celebrate life, so students should do just the same.

This holiday is a chance to blow off steam and relax before a big test, or that 20-page paper due at the end of your spring break.

But remember: get a designated driver or use Safe Rides, a free car lift. The last thing you need is a DUI. You can also use Safe Rides, a free lift service provided for Sac State students and faculty, to get home safely.

Call Safe Rides at (916) 278-TAXI.

Party hard, but party smart.