Painting lessons and cocktails offered together at Paint Nite events

Kelly Tao

An innovative concept that combines painting and drinking cocktails is trending in local Sacramento bars.

Co-founded by Dan Hermann, Paint Nite is a new social activity that is hosted in bars throughout the country.

According to Paint Nite’s website, the painting events are about making art accessible to people who do not consider themselves artists or creative in any way.

The two-hour painting parties are put on throughout the week, where 25 people attend and are given step-by-step instructions on how to paint the chosen piece of the night by a local artist all while sipping on a couple of drinks.

Environmental studies major Emily Michaels heard about Paint Nite events through Craigslist and is now an instructor.

“As an artist, you never really think about the actual process of painting, so [Paint Nite] has definitely been an interesting learning process for me” Michaels said.

Michaels has taught more than 10 Paint Nite events in Sacramento.

“Teaching the class has made me learn how to explain my skill to others because you have to think about how to reference the procedure in a way that others will understand,” Michaels said. “The experience has helped me realize how much I enjoy teaching.”

The activity is hosted at various bars around Sacramento including Kupros Crafthouse, Cheers, Crogan’s Montclair and Alley Katz.

Recently, a Paint Nite event was held at Alley Katz,located on 2019 O St in Midtown.

At the end of the event, participants stood back and marveled at their creations, as they looked surprised at their ability to copy the display painting.

“I’m artistically challenged,” said Sacramento State student Divine Flournoy. “I would’ve never thought I could do something like this.”

Flournoy attended the event to fulfill a requirement for her recreation and leisure class.

“I would definitely do it again but next time I would bring a friend,” she said. 

First grade teacher Jessica Rosenfield attended the event with friends for their night out.

“It’s perfect. Have a whisky and paint,” Rosenfield said. “We could do it at our house, but then we’d have to clean up.”

After the painting is complete, participants are free to leave or continue hanging out without having to worry about cleaning up.

Although priced at $45 for the two-hour painting and drinking session, Groupon currently has a deal for $25.

Drinks are not included with a ticket, but attendees are supplied with a blank canvas, paint, brushes, easels and aprons. At the end of the session, they are able to take their work of art home and enjoy their creation.

A perfect chance to socialize, learn to paint or just practice your artistic talents, Paint Nite is a popular event that continues to be held several times a week throughout the year.

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