Student benefit from time management workshop

State Hornet Staff

Sacramento State’sPeer and Academic Resource Center held a time management and study skills workshop Monday where students learned tips on budgeting time and effective study habits.

Planning, preparing and passing the exam were the focus points in the lecture given by senior pre-biology major Gabrielle Hoskins. Staying ahead of schedule and creating visuals were also emphasized.

“I color-code my assignments and deadlines,” Hoskins said. “I have what I call the non-negotiables and I know those deadlines cannot be changed.”

Hoskins said being creative with scheduling leaves more room, allowing students to have more time. Creating a weekly schedule by using a day planner or wall calendar will help you stay on track.

“My problem is procrastination,” said sophomore pre-biology major Erin Mintalar. “I get so stressed out knowing I have to do something. I have to find different ways to study.”

Some students said they tend to wait until the last minute before studying for an exam, but the workshop taught students early preparation is an essential study skill that will help relieve stress and tension before an exam.

With each hour that spent in class, the same amount of time should be allotted for study time. PARC tutors recommend two to three hours of study time per unit students are enrolled in.

Studying comes in many forms such as reading books, reviewing notes, rewriting notes, study groups, office hours and having a conversation about it.

“If you can explain the topic well to someone, consider that conversation as part of your study time,” Hoskins said. “I have conversations with my boyfriend all the time about what I learned in class.”

Breaking up responsibilities into smaller, more manageable pieces and scheduling them throughout the day without waiting to study the night before the exam has proven to be successful.

The PARC workshop provided test-taking tips and advice on anxiety management like remaining calm beforehand and avoiding coffee because it causes jitters.

“I’m really glad I took the time to attend this workshop because it has really shown me that is all comes down to planning accordingly and following through,” Mintalar said. “The weekly schedule will benefit my study habits the most because it will allow me to see what times I have available to study.”

PARC is one of the several resources that students can use when reaching out for help. Other programs are available such as The Writing Center, Chemistry Help Office and Physics Help Office and more.

“Never underestimate the power of a good attitude and go to office hours if you need the extra help,” Hoskins said. “It can change how well you do.”

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