With limited time to rehearse, IdeaTeam still brings energy to stage

State Hornet Staff

The nine piece band IdeaTeam brought energy and funk to the stage at Wednesday’s Nooner,hosted by UNIQUE.


When not showcasing their talents and rocking out, all band members deal with their own work schedules that leave them little time to rehearse their material.


“It’s pretty brutal, we all work day jobs, so we’re coming to practice straight from work,” said guitarist for the band, Justin Butler. “Sometimes it’s like, ‘Yeah, let’s blow off some steam and play music’ and sometimes it’s like, ‘Damn, I’m tired and now I got to be creative?”


The time the band spends together is precious and limited. They have a narrow window that constitutes their creative time.


The pressure to make most of that time together has boundaries, as they have to strike a line between not taking things too seriously and the fact that they have conflicting schedules.


“It’s tough, we really struggled with that a lot,” said Butler. “It is that limited amount of time, the only segment of the day that works for all of us, but we’ve gotten accustomed to it.”


The band finds inspiration to continue their creative flow in the Sacramento music scene, by seeing other bands continue to play music


“There’s so many other bands to be inspired by in Sacramento and abroad,” said IdeaTeam’s guitarist Tim Snoke. “Fueled by that and by working a day job, playing music is the chance to be creative and have fun, to try and take our music further than before.”


IdeaTeam are looking forward to writing brand new material for the future while anticipating the release of their first album, which they self-produced.


They have an upcoming show March 13th at the Crocker Art Museum for the Art Mix/Funk Springs Eternal event.