Students explore opportunities at career fair

State Hornet Staff

Sacramento State students prepared with resumes and dressed in their best business attire to impress the several company recruiters offering jobs and internships at the career fair on Wednesday.

With the future ahead, many students meet the decision to choose a career path as the next step after college.

International business major James Aciobanitei, said he benefited from the career fair and  advertised his skills to certain companies.

“I had to list what I’ve learned, all my logistical and analytical skills to them,” Aciobanitei said. “I found someone in my field that showed interest in me, and I’m hoping to get contacted back soon.”

Aciobanitei said that even if he does not land a job, he knows what skills certain companies are looking for in specific positions.

 Nonprofit organizations and companies looking to fill vacant positions, offered entry-level jobs and grant internships to students who desire career opportunities.

Forty-five of the 80 listed organizations, welcomed all majors.

The Jackson Laboratory, a nonprofit biomedical research institution, is an independent institution offering entry-level jobs regardless of major.

“You don’t need a science degree to land an entry-level job with us,” said  human resources manager for the Jackson Laboratory Rebecca Becknell. “We’re looking for people that are prepared to work and have done their research about the organization.”

She said employers are looking to hire if the situation is perfect for the student and for the company.

Many students used the career fair as an opportunity to find a summer internship.

 Pre-business major Ali Abbas, went to the career fair in search of a summer internship to get a head start in his career.  

 Abbas said there were six companies offering summer internships related to his major.

 “There’s so many people in the business program, that I want to set myself apart from everyone else,” Abbas said. “I expect to have at least two to three internships before I graduate. I need to network and get to know people. Handing in a resume just isn’t enough anymore.”

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is actively recruiting for positions that guarantee a job after completing the academy training.

Recruiter for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Myling Bordeau, said students only have to apply for the position and would get accepted.

Bordeau said after background checks and pre-employment screening tests, the department pays for the academy training,dorm room stay and food.

Whether on the search for a job or internship, the career fair not only offered students the opportunity to explore companies within their specific field of study but allowed them to keep other fields in mind.