Cupcake Craving bakes gourmet sweets at an affordable price

Erika Bradley

Although a fairly small shop hidden in the corner of Howe Bout Arden shopping center, Cupcake Craving has a reputation for baking gourmet cupcakes from the finest ingredients at an affordable price.

“We helped a friend start a shop in Las Vegas and realized if he could start one there then we could start one here,” said Cupcake Craving owner Gordy Cisneros.

Cisneros along with two other friends, opened Cupcake Craving in 2007. The three friends wanted to create an environment that would bring them closer. They settled with the opportunity to open a gourmet cupcake shop because it best fit their talent and teamwork.

Walking into the shop, customers are welcomed with a display of more than 20 flavored gourmet cupcakes priced at $2.50.

Aside from its large selection of flavors, Cupcake Craving also offers flavors of the month.

“We create new recipes all the time,” Cisneros said.  Some of them become our flavor of the month, and if they become popular we put them on our menu.”

Whether craving a classic gingerbread cupcake or a more unique flavor such as the “Maple Bacon”, the shop offers different levels of sweetness.

The best seller is the classic Red Velvet cupcake made of deep red cocoa and topped with cream cheese frosting.

Cupcake Craving makes it convenient for customers to make online orders and purchase gift cards.

There is also the option of requesting a recipe of a cupcake, and the bakers will do their best to create it.

“I think the most unique custom orders are when we create cupcakes for proposals or gender reveals for a couples’ baby, where we fill the cupcakes with blue or pink frosting,” said employee Danielle Pope.

For customers celebrating their birthday and wanting to avoid the traditional cake, the shop can create cupcake cakes.

And if looking for a sugarless or gluten-free sweet, Cupcake Craving has got it covered with vanilla, mint chocolate chip,red velvet, funfetti, chocolate and lemon flavors.

Kinesiology major Desiree Phillips is a regular customer who cannot seem to turn away.

“Compared to other pastry [or] cupcake shops,  I really enjoy Cupcake Craving,” Phillips said.  “It’s at the top of my list and the cupcakes are not too sweet and are my little addiction.”

Not only is Phillips satisfied with the quality of the product but with service she receives every time she visits.

“Their customer service is outstanding,” Phillips said.  “They made time to know me by name and I can tell that they love the work they are doing.”

Although cupcakes were once simple, today decorations and flavors have evolved making cupcakes more popular than ever.

The uniqueness of recipes and fancy decorations are what gourmet cupcakes are all about and Cupcake Craving is one of those shops sure to leave a customer returning for a second order.