The case involving three Sac State shooting victims gets continued.

Sean Chin

A case against the suspect in the shooting of three Sacramento State students, 23-year-old Tino Perez of West Sacramento, has been continued to Sept. 24.

Deputy District Attorney Noah Phillips said, “(Perez) is still looking for a hired attorney and the DA is still investigating additional charges.”

Perez was arrested May 15 and has been charged with four counts of felony assault and one count of discharging a handgun in a grossly negligent manner .

Tuesday marks the sixth time Judge John Winn has granted a continuation for the case.

Perez is currently being held on a $750,000 bail, which was raised from $500,000 on July 16.

Phillips said he does not think the DA will be able to avoid going to trial because of the severity of the crimes and a settlement is unlikely to be reached.

Perez has a prior  conviction for misdemeanor in 2012 that involved the consumption of alcohol in public.