Student artist Alicia Kleinau showcased her unique work inspired by an advanced art class at Sacramento State

Alicia Kleinau's family supports her work on the opening night of her series

Alicia Kleinau’s family supports her work on the opening night of her series “Codes” Tuesday in the Witt gallery.

A'talah Foster

Creativity and artistry among Sacramento State’s students continues to grow throughout campus as senior studio art painting and drawing major Alicia Kleinau showcased her portrait art in the Witt gallery in Kadema Hall. 

“It is so exciting to have my art on display,” Kleinau said. “I love being around people and talking about art and this is the perfect setting for that.”

Kleinau’s art is paintings and drawings that show people’s bodies being labeled by bar codes.

She said she was inspired to do these pieces in an advance art painting class she took last spring.

“I started off doing a variety of portraits while also examining how to explore portraiture,” Kleinau said. “I want to redefine and develop more meaning behind how I approach portraits.”

Kleinau has been doing different types of art as an artist since she was young.

“Painting and drawing have always been my favorites, along with making clothing and jewelry,” Kleinau said. “I was in a graphic arts program for four years in high school. and it opened me up to different types of art and automotive design.”

Kleinau said people photography also influences her paintings.

“In order to understand the world, you have to understand the people and where they come from,” Kleinau said. “I like exploring photographs and the people in them and incorporating that into my artwork.”

Kleinau said she admires other artists like Georgia O’keeffe.

“She has always been my favorite artist since I was a kid,” Kleinau said. “I love her use of texture and her color palette has always been so vibrant – I try to reflect it in my own way.”

Kleinau said her family supports and encourages her passion for art.

“I’m always grateful for my family being there for my art decisions,” Kleinau said. “My mom, both my dads and some of my siblings came to my art show. It makes me really happy to know I always have their support.”

Kleinau said she enjoys exploring and discovering new art.

“With art, you don’t always have the end result in your head yet; the art is still being conceived and produced as you’re making it,” Kleinau said. “Painting and drawing is always something that I’ve loved and its what I feel like I can flourish in.”

Kleinau said she appreciates everyone who has gone to see what she has to offer the world of art.

“Some people have singing or writing or dance, but painting is how I can express myself,” Kleinau said. “It’s like making yourself vulnerable because you open yourself to express more about a feeling – whether positive or negative.”

After she graduates, Kleinau said she hopes to apply for her masters.

Kleinau will also be applying to jobs at museums in Ireland doing conservation work.

“The art making process is never ending,” Kleinau said. “There’s always something to do.”