New development may be on the way, says President Gonzalez


President Alexander Gonzalez gives the President’s Address in the University Union Ballroom today. Photo by Andrew Vasquez

Nick Scheuer

Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez held his spring address today that the university has begun new work on a master plan that would bring new development near the football stadium.

The new development is in very early planning stages now, but will incorporate the planned extension of Ramona Avenue which will create a new entrance to Sac State, Gonzalez said.

During the speech, Gonzalez did not elaborate on this potential development, but when asked about it afterwards, he said it could be anything from more student housing to a new event center to even a renovation of the football stadium itself. Gonzalez said a new event center could bring in a significant amount of retail revenue, assuming the operating cost was not too high.

The plans are still in the early stages, and a task force including both faculty and off-campus investors has been gathered to examine and approve what the development will be. Regardless, Gonzalez said the primary focus will be to make it environmentally friendly.

Representatives from the Chongqing University in China attended as part of an international cooperation program between Sac State and Chongqing to observe Sac State’s MBA program.

The president began his speech lauding how much money the passing of Proposition 30 has brought to CSU system as a whole and Sac State specifically. Not only has Prop 30 brought in $250 million, but with new legislation sponsored by Jerry Brown, another $125 million may also be added to Sac State’s funding, Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez then focused on online courses. He said $10 million was dedicated to providing online courses, and he announced Cal State Online, a web service students use to take online courses, has been launched for the entire CSU system.

The president then repeated some of the talking points he used in his fall 2012 address regarding how there has been a lot of recent change, but he is focused on preserving “quality, access and affordability.”

He expanded upon these old points, however, by asserting that the administration is working on “unblocking bottleneck classes.” Gonzalez did not explain how it would happen, but said he was confident students would soon be able to graduate sooner because of it.

Finally, he summed up his speech by stating the new change could “make us uncomfortable” as a lot of change all at once will do, but the change will benefit the campus and students. The president did not elaborate on how the change will make people uncomfortable.