Sac State Men’s Rowing Team hosts ergathon to recruit members

Camille Anglo

Sacramento State Men’s Rowing Team is hosting a two-day, 24-hour ergathon to promote the club in hopes of recruiting more members.

Men’s rowing member and mechanical engineering freshman Grady Hofstetter said the team is hosting the ergathon, or a rowing marathon, to help gain funding.

“Since we’re a club team, we don’t necessarily get funding,” Hofstetter said. “Our funding comes from fundraising events. We have to do fundraising events like this and we send out emails about events like this telling people that we’re going to be rowing for 24 hours for two days.”

The team’s ergathon is from Nov. 14-15 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The 17-member team rows for an hour two to three times a day to reach their goal of 350 kilometers by 6 p.m. Thursday.

Hofstetter said the team is determined to meet its goal of 350 kilometers, but it hasn’t been easy because of how early the team meets.

“It’s tiring because we still have practice early in the morning,” Hofstetter said. “We might reach our goal of 350 kilometers by 6 p.m.”

Although it’s the men’s rowing team, it’s considered a club sport and women can join the team as well.

Anthropology junior and rowing coxswain, or leader, Bonnie Rush said she’s supporting the team because she enjoys the sport.

“I like it because I’m on the team,” Rush said. “It’s a club team and I’m pretty sure men have to be the actual rowers, but women can steer the boat and yell at them.”

Hofstetter said there is plenty of room to join the rowing team and having more members would be great for them.

“There are 60 spots available,” Hofstetter said. “The more people, the better. If we can get a bigger pool, then we can get a varsity eight.”

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