ASI President reaches out to students

Elizabeth Ramirez

Associated Student, Inc. President Monica Cortez took the podium at Sacramento State’s University Union for to inform students about the passage of Proposition 30 and giving them the opportunity to ask her and ASI board members questions.

“We are here to represent our students and we are here voicing their opinion for a reason and not just to talk,” said Cortez.

Between noon and 2 p.m., Cortez and several ASI board members’ set-up three tables urging students to get on their school spirit.

One of the tables displayed a roulette asking students to answer a questions pertaining to Sac State and ASI. If students answered the question correct, they would win a prize including pens, cookies and even certificates for free pizza.

A second table title “Show your Sac State Spirit” made students to do the “Chubby Bunny,” stuffing his or her mouth with marshmallows while saying Sac State. Those students who participated received a prize.

The last table presented students with the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions about Sac State and higher education.

“As of my goal, did I meet it? I think yeah,” said Cortez. “I got my message out there.”

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