Dodgeball returns to The Well for ninth annual dodgeball tournament

James Heck

The Well will be hosting Sacramento State’s ninth annual dodgeball tournament on Thursday In collaboration with the Dodgeball Throwdown for The WELLcome Back event. This will be the first year the dodgeball tournament will be a back to school event.

Intramural supervisor and special events coordinator Jairon Jackson said by converging the Dodgeball Throwdown with The WELLcome Back, new and returning students will feel more acquainted their first week back to school.

“It’s going to bring a lot of attention to The Well and get the year started off right,” Jackson said. “We’re excited to get more buzz around campus about what we’re doing.”

Jackson also said the WELLcome Back event will also allow students to experience what The Well has to offer. There will be marketing and advertisements promoting The Well’s many facilities, which will help bring more students to The Well, Jackson said.

Jessica Roesemann, Manager of Member Services at The Well, said The WELLcome Back event is aimed to promote the facility and the many benefits it provides.

“The goal of The WELLcome Back is to educate all students on the services and programs offered at The Well including Student Health and Counseling Services, Peak Adventures and Campus Recreation,” Roesemann said. “By combining the Dodgeball Throwdown and The WELLcome Back, we hope to increase participation as well as enhance the overall experience.”

A new addition to the dodgeball tournament this year is a separate women’s bracket, which will encourage more women to participate, Jackson said.

Jeremy Gagnebin, a third year member of team Ebony Lust, said he is excited to return to action because his team has held the winning title for the last five years.

“It’s one of the only free events that intramural puts on,” Gagnebin said. “It’s also normally the biggest spectator wise that they have.”

Gagnebin said the Dodgeball Throwdown also offers a chance to socialize with other students, especially for incoming freshman that may want to meet new people.

Jackson said previous Dodgeball Throwdown tournaments have attracted large numbers of teams and spectators and he estimates there will be between 60-64 teams in the tournament on Thursday.

There are a maximum number of 64 teams of 8 players allowed to enter the tournament. Registration for the Dodgeball Throwdown is open to Sac State students and is no cost to register.

Members of the men and women’s winning teams receive an intramural championship ring and a t-shirt, which will feature a new design.

The WELLcome Back event will be held at 1 p.m. and Dodgeball Throwdown will begin later at 7 p.m.

To sign up for the dodgeball tournament, either stop by The Well or go online to

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