Q&A with the chief and his bride to be


State Hornet Staff

With the end of the semester two weeks away, graduating students are starting to think about what is the next step to this thing called life. Many doors are being opened as the college years come to a close. 

Many students are thinking of the next career choice, however, some are also thinking about what is next in the family aspect of life. For two State Hornet editors, the mixture of careers and family are looming on the horizon. Soon-to-be married couple Dustin Nosler, State Hornet editor in chief and Valerie Chavez-Perez, State Hornet copy editor, sat down to talk about engagement life in college and give advice to engaged couples in college.


When is the wedding?

VCP: “October 2013.”

Why are you waiting to get married until after college?

VCP: “We thought it was important to finish our degrees first. We got engaged right before the fall 2011 semester and I was taking a lot of classes, Dustin became editor in chief and we wanted to make sure we got through the year without distractions.”

DN: “Plus, we’re broke as hell. We wanted to save up money for the wedding we both want.”   

Should others get married while in college?

VCP: “With us it’s kind of a unique situation since we are both in our late 20s. Getting married early will present difficulties if you want to continue your college career. I don’t think people should not get married when they are young but I would say an 18-year-old might not feel the same way when they are 27.”

DN: “It’s best not to rush into it. But if it is what you truly want, who is to say you can’t get married at a certain age.”

What advice would you give to other couples engaged in college?

VCP: “I think it is important to realize you do not have to get married right away; our wedding is a long way away. You have to have your priorities together and your education is very important and will remain important as a married couple.”

DN: “A couple should be on the same page when it comes to when they want to get married and that is something that should be discussed probably leading up to it.”

How do you guys handle the stress of school and the relationship?

VCP: “We communicate very well, we make sure to let each other know when we are feeling stressed. We are not waiting for the other person to pick up on it or waiting for things to explode. It’s actually really helpful having (Dustin) here, in school with me because I know that when I am feeling overwhelmed he is there.”

DN: “She listens to me and she is my outlet for pretty much everything. When I have stress here, outside, wherever; I can also count on her to handle my stresses, be there to give me advice and guide me through it.”

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